Gallery & Testimonials

Gallery & Testimonials

Browse photos of our delicious home-cooked meals to get your tastebuds ready. We have a very exciting variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, all made fresh with care for you!

The staff at Fireside Deli & Family Restaurant look forward to meeting you. To find out more, or to order takeout or catering, call us at 519-581-1200.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying!

We go to Fireside every weekend the breakfast is awesome the people are great we feel like home, the servers are amazing. Thanks for opening.


Their breakfast is the best anywhere to be found, great prices for large portions, their chicken tenders are delicious, the service is great and friendly, I highly recommend it.

– JASON, Kitchener

My wife and I go to Fireside at least once a week and sometime 3 times a week. We usually go for breakfast. They have a wide variety to choose from. Their Hungry Man special is my favorite but they also have great Benedicts, a very good Monte Cristo and on and on. The servers are all excellent at their jobs. Very friendly, and quick with the free coffee refills. If there is a line-up it usually only takes 5 or 10 minutes to get seated. Definitely worth the wait. And once you get seated the service is even faster. We can go in on a busy day, have breakfast and be on our way in 30 minutes if we like but usually we stick around for more coffee and just relax. I give it a 9.5 out of 10!


I decided to finally try Fireside because Benny’s in Waterloo was busy. I now LOVE IT at Fireside! They have better prices, fast service, and a huge selection of breakfast choices! If you haven’t been yet, you should GO!

– LISA, Waterloo

The Montreal smoked meat sandwiches are great. Treat out of town business clients or bring some takeout back to work.

– GUY, Kitchener

When I lived in Kitchener 5 years ago, my friend from elementary school took me there with her mom. Best smoked meat sandwich I’ve ever had. I miss this place, and will definitely visit again when I’m back in town visiting friends.

– KAT, Burlington

Fantastic eatery in KW!! It’s by far my favorite place to eat presently! Big plates of fantastic food for low prices. The staff are all friendly and treat you like family!

– LEE KYLE, Kitchener

Great food! I love it! The staff is great, I can’t wait to go later. It is super good, the food is fantastic!